The Orgasm Project

The Orgasm Project is a personal project aiming to contribute to enlighten the importance of normalizing female sexuality. The project is presented as a collection of five abstract and colorful art prints, based on the sound of the female orgasm.


Seeing sounds

This is a project I have been thinking about doing for a very long time, and after months of researching, experimenting, failing and doing I was finally set on how to do the execution of the project. The art prints are based on spectograms, visualizing the sound of the female orgasm. I have used real recordings of real female orgasms, recorded by people I know. 

A spectogram is a visual representation of the strenght or volume of a signal or a sound. It allows you to see the level of energy and how the energy vary over time. 

With this project I hope to contribute to putting focus on the importance of normalizing female sexuality.


Normalizing female sexuality

Somewhere along the way it seems like it has evolved a misunderstanding that sex is not as important to women as it is to men, and alot of people, especially guys, seem to believe that this it is the reality of it. I have heard a lot of women talk about how they sometimes see sex as just a favor rather than something that is benefitting themselves. 

It is lame that so many guys reach climax too quickly, and I dont know why people keep saying that it is natural and not a big deal. Yes, it is natural, but it certainly is a big deal when it leads to the woman doing it just for the benefit of the man. Not only is it a problem because it sucks in the moment, but also because it leads to a common misunderstanding that it is not as important to the girl to finish, which again, leads to the reason why so many women never experience orgasms with a partner. 

A reasearch done in Australia, asking 5118 men and women aged 16-59 showed that with a casual partner, the orgasm rate for women was just 49%, and 70% for women in committed relationships. The rate for men overall showed that 95% of men had had an orgasm last time they had sex. 

What happens when no one talks about the female orgasm as something important is that we forget about it. We give up, and we just settle with the idea of "I don't orgasm. Some does, some don't, and thats ok". Once the expectations of reaching climax is out of the way, we've lost. 

There are a lot of different thing that shape our view on our sexuality without us even realizing it. For example the way our parents talked to us about certain things, like our bodies, sex and nudity, how people around us makes comments about the women on TV and how they looked, making comments about girls wearing clothes that's too revealing, or being told not to talk about certain relevant topics because it was inaproppriate. We sure can blame our teachers and our parents big time for being so uncomfortable speaking about sex. The female orgasms are complicated, and girls are rarely taught about the details of their anatomy, and have to work things out themselves, not really knowing enough about it. Because female sexuality is so rarely talked about it is easy to forget the importance of it. There have, for example, been very little progress when it comes to finding a solution to sexual disfunction amongst women, and this is probably because female desires and needs are less talked about and therefore easier to forget. 


Thank you!

I want to give a huge thank's to all the women who contributed to this project.
Thank you all for coming :)


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